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Learn English in Gold Coast

Take an English language course in the city of the Gold Coast where more than 40 kilometers of golden beaches stretch further than the eye can see. It is easy to understand why the Gold Coast is a popular destination for Australians and international tourists alike with its sandy beaches and tall high rise buildings shimmering in the eternal sunshine.

You can take a break from the hot Australian sun and “Surfers Paradise” in one of the many shopping malls, restaurants or night clubs that are located right next to the beach. The main Gold Coast strip has a modern and youthful atmosphere, characterized by the “Schoolies Week” party that attracts thousands of secondary school graduates from all over Australia to the city during November. A good opportunity to practice your English!

As well as a fun party atmosphere, the Gold Coast is also a gateway to the lush rainforests of Springbrook and Lamington National Parks which have many hiking trails to explore. The nearby beaches of Burleigh Heads and Palm Beach still have a laid-back small town feel. 


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