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Learn English in Toronto

Take an English course in Toronto, the laid-back Canadian city on the banks of Lake Ontario.

Toronto may be a huge city (in fact the most populous in Canada) but it has a fun and welcoming atmosphere, with a huge variety of theatres, cinemas, concert halls and museums to keep visitors and locals entertained. The city combines impeccable modern skyscrapers with pleasant tree-lined streets and edgy street art, making it a lovely city to explore on foot, district by district.

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world – here you can find cultures and languages from all over the world as over half of the city is said to be made up of people born outside Canada. As a result, you can find a fantastic range of restaurants, quirky designers and festivals all influenced by ideas from different countries.

Canada's most famous natural wonder, the incredible Niagara Falls, is less than two hours’ drive away from the city so can easily be visited during a day trip. In the region there are also beautiful national parks, such as Sandbanks Provincial Park and Algonquin Park, and fantastic vineyards to be explored. 


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