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In the South East of France, on the Atlantic Coast, is the former fishing village of Biarritz. During the nineteenth century it was the destination of choice for Napoleon III and his wife Eugénie. Nowadays it is a fashionable spot for Paris´s "Jeunesse dorée" and is also a magnet for surfers and golfers.

Doctors have long proclaimed the healing properties of bathing in the sea water in Biarritz. After your French lessons, relax on the beach and enjoy the pleasant climate. A popular surfing spot and the host for numerous competitions, Biarrtiz is the perfect place to pick up a board and try the waves. 

Alternatively, you can take a stroll in the lively town centre or go hiking in the nearby Pyrenees. The surrounding Spanish Basque country including the beautiful city of San Sebastián, named Europe´s Capital of Culture in 2016, is particularly worth a visit. 

Language schools in Biarritz

Language courses abroad in France Langue

France Langue Biarritz offers French teaching of the highest quality in the European surfing capital. The school is located just 10 minutes from the beach and has both an excellent academic program and a variety of outdoor activities. The relaxed atmosphere in this small Basque region city enables students to get to know the locals and their culture.

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