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Learn Spanish in Puerto Vallarta

Take a Spanish course in the charming town of Puerto Vallarta on the Mexican coast.

In the same region as the popular resort of Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta is known for its beautiful coastline, year-round warm weather and romantic old town. Unlike some neighboring towns which were purpose built as tourist destinations, Puerto Vallarta has humble beginnings as traditional fishing village. The cobbled streets of the old town are lined with relics of Spanish colonialism in the form of old churches and houses. The town provides the perfect combination of tropical holiday paradise mixed with traditional Mexican culture.

Puerto Vallarta also attracts many visitors with its diverse flora and fauna and huge range of leisure activities. Here you can go whale watching, surfing, scuba diving, hiking or biking when you are feeling adventurous. Or you can just relax on the endless sandy beaches and enjoy indulgent food in the town’s up market restaurants. At night, Puerto Vallarta really comes to life and is recognized for having one of the best party scenes and nightlife in Mexico.


Schools in Puerto Vallarta

Spanish Experience Center

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