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Seville is a city of pure Andalusian charm, with its picturesque alleyways, quirky tapas bars and historical houses: an ideal destination for your Spanish language course abroad. Those who choose Seville as the destination for their language trip will not be disappointed by the culture and celebrations of the city, which can be witnessed all year round. Traditional dances like flamenco, or the similar “sevillanas” are still alive and practiced regularly in Seville. You can join in too, or just sit back and watch in one of the many bars or clubs which are lively places to spend the evening and night.

Seville is built on the river Guadalquivir, which flows by one of the town’s biggest attractions, “La Maestranza” bull fighting ring. This spectacular arena was built in the late 18th century, and can hold more than 12,500 spectators. The vibrant ocher, yellow and red facades of the building also inspired the color scheme of the city’s houses.

Seville is a surprisingly lively and social town, without reaching the size of a large city.  It is the perfect size to comfortably practice your Spanish with other travelers and locals alike, and although there are regional differences in accents throughout Spain, Spanish learned here in Andalusia will be understood throughout the Spain speaking world. 

Language schools in Seville

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Enforex in Seville is a part of the Don Quijote group of schools, which stands for excellent teaching across a wide range of courses. Classes are engaging and taught by well trained and experienced teachers. The school itself is housed in a historic building in the center of Seville, walking distance from the main plazas and historic sights which make the city such a popular tourist destination.

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The CLIC chain of schools is well known for its professional atmosphere and high-quality teaching across its wide range of courses. Teachers are well trained and experienced in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and students enjoy a program which involves both a high standard of learning in class, and exciting out of class activities, to help them make the most of their Spanish learning experi

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